Underwater dance

Being submerged underwater is like a slow motion dance. You feel light and free. Your movements are endless, your limbs sway and fall gracefully around your body. You feel a burst of energy that you never feel on land. On land you feel heavy and drowsy. But underwater you feel alive.

Last Day

Today is my final day as an actuary. I am relieved that this day has finally come. 4 years of studying actuarial science and 3 years working as an actuarial consultant is a long time. It used to be my goal to become an actuary. But it was never my dream. My dream was always to explore and create beautiful things. And what better time to start that than now.


I have finally decided to include a travel section to my blog. After all, I have many many plans this year to travel the world. It will be a year of exploration for me. And I would love to share with you all the beauty and uniqueness of every city that I visit.

Beach bunny

It is always in the winter that I miss summer the most. And what a pity that so many summers have passed and been wasted. But no more. I will make the most of this summer. I’m going to become a beach bunny. Wake up early, ride the bus to the beach and train to become a lifeguard. Become a lifeguard? My friends all laughed when I told them. And honestly, I don’t think any surf rescue group will want me to join them. But it is after all a goal. And goals are not always to be achieved. Sometimes they are just there to motivate and make you work harder. And this beach bunny will work hard. She has the perfect sporty swimsuit and a great goal. So see you in the water!

Stop and smell the flowers

Life is short
So short we yearn for that extra breath
For each breath is a new scent
And each scent is another thought
And each thought is of the wild and the beautiful
It will take more than a single lifetime
To see all the beauty in the world
So remember to stop and smell the flowers


Oh another Christmas in the summertime. Where everyone is outdoors with their barbeques, the sun is bright and the beach is swarming with people. These are what my Christmases are like down under in Australia. We don’t have the traditional cozy Christmas sipping hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows by the fireplace. Even though our summer Christmases are warm and outdoors, it is still always with family. My teenage brother is offering to cook Christmas dinner this year, so pray for me.